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Covid in Conversation

Quite simply it was a virus that was potent enough to demand interventions which required us to review how we interacted with one another. Bonds were broken to protect ourselves. Closeness, intimacy and social gatherings could have fatal consequences. ‘Safety in numbers’ became ‘risk in numbers’.

Remote Learning

The Assessment Crisis

Things have changed but we still need to pursue the same teaching and learning attainment outcomes as before. With an estimated 1.6 billion learners out of school, creative strategies and tools are required, and new ‘hybrid’ remote learning methodologies adopted

Technology at Wholeschool

Technology at Wholeschool

The team at Wholeschool are passionate about technology, with a diverse team with skills ranging from multimedia and design, software development, VLE experts, web content authors, and everything in between. We are passionate advocates of embracing both Open Source and Proprietary software to tailor solutions to meet the needs of Read more…

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