Never has it been more crucial to monitor pupil progress, than now, in the midst of all the uncertainty that the global pandemic has caused. Trying to assess where your pupil’s are in relation to benchmark after 6 months without on-premise schooling is a daunting task for many educators. Our new software, ‘Pupil Benchmark’ has been launched in Schools across Northern Ireland, and is set to launch in the UK at the beginning of November.

In short…
Pupil Benchmark is an online tool which is used to assist the formative tracking of pupil progress to any curriculum target by monitoring and recording the impact of day to day classroom learning.

Data for Learning

‘Data for Learning’ is an innovative educational approach to improving classroom learning. While there is a wealth of test results and exam data to track pupil progress, quite often the social factors impacting the pupil’s progress (or lack of) are overlooked. These factors are mainly pastoral in nature and are often called pupil classifications. By tagging your pupils with the relevant classifications, educators gain unique insight into how social and external factors are affecting teaching and learning outcomes.

The Benchmark Board

The Benchmark Board a visual representation of your class’s progression to benchmark for a curricular target. As you can see, there are 14 students on this Benchmark board, all at different stages of the learner journey. Teachers can easily drag and drop pupils to their relevant stage at the benchmark while also having the relevant classifications available at a glance. On the example above, Niall McLaughlin is far from benchmark, however we can see from his classifications, that he has some attendance issues and is on the SEN register. These are the contributing factors often left out of overall pupil assessment.

Drag and drop your pupils to their position in relation to target benchmark

Adding Evidence to Support Improvement

As you move your pupils across the benchmark board, you will want to provide evidence to support this. Pupil Benchmark allows you to upload evidence from any device (photos, videos and documents etc) and tag it to a pupil on any benchmark. This can be used in an OFSTED Inspection to demonstrate the progress pupils are making in relation to the objectives outlined in their Learning Plans.

Create Stunning Reports

Pupil Benchmark collects and analyses pupil data in real-time allowing Teachers to create stunning visualisations of Pupils’ progress. Our unique time travelling feature allows teachers to retrace pupils’ journey to benchmark-targets and demonstrate progress over-time.
This feature can be used during school inspections to show overall pupil progression within a statutory framework.

Future Features

The Engagement Model (statutory framework introduced in September 2020) is an assessment structure designed to help schools support pupils who are working below the level of the national curriculum and not engaged in subject-specific study. Pupil Benchmark v1.2 will be launching in the new year and will offer schools the chance to track pupil’s progress using the newest framework model.

For more information on Pupil Benchmark, or to register your school for a free trial, go to

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Ronan Cullen

A Graduate from Northumbria Business School, Ronan has been involved in rolling out Wholeschool's Educational Software to every school in Northern Ireland.

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